About hipandknee

Dedicated to movement and joints: enlighten with knowledge, motivate life full of potential

This is a place all about the Knee and the Hip Joints and nothing else. The common problems of arthritis and injuries mostly affect these areas in both the young and old.

The aim is to prevent compromise with quality of life that comes out of not understanding/ diagnosing issues with movement and to provide scientific treatment solutions with successful outcome.

Education about the root of one’s problem must be the first step followed by a systematic wholistic approach that often doesn’t rely on medicines but reorientation of how one conducts a daily routine.

A surgical correction may allow rectification of a mechanical issue, but has to be undertaken after complete consideration of type of intervention (injection/ arthroscopy/ open surgery) and the guarantee of resultant outcome.

Rehabilitation to regain full activity following operative procedures is a vital part of treatment.

“I have a team that takes care of the joints from the start of your problem till you achieve your target – hence called ‘comprehensive’. This site is designed to provide you with practical information to enable you to make the right decisions for your health – as you choose! Our team can further explain the treatment options available after assessing you in detail. It is important that myths are busted, no false promises made and facts are understood properly on the basis of scientific proof. We are all passionate in customising each person’s treatment plan to suit them best. Whether it is an operation or exercise advice, no two individuals get the same treatment. In fact, it even varies from one knee to the other in the same person. After all, the one most responsible for change in you, is yourself!”


Our Team

Our team comprises people from different disciplines so that we combine the best of medical and traditional practices, the correct specialist doctor for the diagnostics and best allied health practitioners, physiotherapists and trainers in combination.


MB, MS (Orth), DNB (Orth), FCPS, D(Orth),FRCS (Ortho), MD(Res), CCST(UK)

  • Specialist Consultant Hip & Knee Surgeon
  • Professor (Adjunct Faculty), Manipal University
  • The only exclusive service on the South-West India coastal region
  • Entire Lower Limb related problem- solving
  • Injections, Cell Therapy, Sports Injury treatment, Arthroscopy
  • Regenerative – Cartilage (Early Arthritis) & Bone (AVN)
  • Joint Replacement – routine plus Complex Re-do (Revision) of previous failed surgery

Mr. Bishwaranjan Das

BPT, MPT (Ortho & Sports), Diploma in Fitness Training, FAGE

  • Extended Scope Practitioner
  • Hip, Knee & Sports injury rehabilitation
  • Exercise treatments to prevent Arthritis
  • Specialist in Gait analysis

Dr. Sanjay N. K.

MBBS, MS(Orth)

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Trauma, Upper LImb, Lower Limb